Tuesday, August 27, 2013

...end of summer update

So much time and so little knitting has been done. I am sad to say. My current hexi-puff count is 16. I want to start doing them one a day. It is a nice way to chill after a long day. Some other projects I have worked on and are now finished are:
  • my cat hated the sleeves so I removed them
  • She was smaller than the cat in the pattern so I had to make edits. If you have any questions on how to make it smaller just ask me I can try to help you. 
  • I made this for my mom for her office.
  • It makes her phone not vibrate as loud on her desk which is nice for those people in cubicles at work
  • I decide to knit based on what I saw instead of following the pattern, mainly because I hate sewing seams this was seam less and the only sewing I did was his tail. 
  • His name is Whale-don (think Sheldon only with Whale) 
Projects I want to do:
  • I want to make a cabled cowl that I want to design myself
  • daily hexi-puffs
  • boot cuffs (similar to leg warmers only just for the top of a boot)