Friday, October 25, 2013

Breakout Designer Moment and Announcement

I have typically used patterns for all of my projects. Occasionally I will see something or see a pattern and try to mimic it the best I can. Most of the time everything works out perfectly, every once and awhile things do not work out. I have been playing around with making my own projects, my own patterns, things I have seen in other patterns and can change to do something else. Well this entire week I have had this idea haunting me. I just needed to get it out of my system, see it in real life. So today for the first time I sat down started knitting and kept going until I finished the project. Took me a few hours and so far it is AMAZING.

So with out further ado I announce that my new line of beanies will start being sold on my Etsy Shop today!!! You get to choose the main color and the bow color. Plus I will size it to the measurements you provide!

 Have you had a breakout designer moment? How about an idea for a knitting project that you just started knitting and it turned out? Share your stories in the comments!!!

Happy Knitting!!!!!!!